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Yingda International Trust to Support Solicitation of 5 Million Digital Cable Television Subscribers this year

Yingda International Trust to Support Solicitation of 5 Million Digital Cable Television Subscribers this year

At 4 p.m. of 8th November, a business visiting group of three members from Yingda International Trust Co., Ltd ("Yingda International Trust"), including Mr. Zhang Chuanliang, its vice general manager, as the leader, visited the headquarters of Shenzhen Champion Group in Shenzhen and met with the senior management members of Heng Xin China Group (Hong Kong Stock Code: 8046), including Mr. Xiao Yan (its chief executive officer), Mr. Lo Ka Wai (its chief financial officer) and Dr. Tang Bin (its chief technology officer and the chairman of Shenzhen Champion Group).

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Xiao Yan, on behalf of the boards of directors of Heng Xin China Group and Shenzhen Champion Group, extended his warm welcome and expressed his sincere gratitude to the visiting group led by Mr. Zhang Chuanliang, the vice general manager of Yingda International Trust, for visiting the company.

Mr. Zhang Chuanliang then stated his purpose for visiting Shenzhen Champion Group, i.e. discussing any possibilities and practical implementation plans for further cooperation between both parties based on the result of this business visit.

Mr. Xiao Yan briefly introduced the development history of Heng Xin China Group and its overall business activities, Mr. Lo Ka Wai presented the business performance of Heng Xin China Group for the four years since its listing in Hong Kong, and Dr. Tang Bin also made a detailed presentation on the operation of the digital cable television network of Shenzhen Champion Group and its promising future market potential and huge economic and social benefits.

After the presentations, Mr. Zhang Chuanliang clearly stated that the digital cable television operation of Shenzhen Champion Group generated significant economic and social benefits. In particular, he thought that the cooperation with Hebei Television Broadcasts and Information Network Group Co., Ltd. ("HBTN") (河北广电信息网络集团股份有限公司) had laid a solid foundation for its development and the business could be packaged as an attractive trust product. He suggested that the parties could launch the first scheme of the trust by leveraging the existing business of HBTN. He then urged both parties to work out a practical implementation plan and work with HBTN to control the risks.

Finally, both parties signed, under a friendly atmosphere, a cooperation memorandum pursuant to which both parties had the intention to support Shenzhen Champion Group to attract and serve 5 million digital cable television subscribers subject to the compliance with the state's policies and conditions. Under the cooperation memorandum, both parties also have to finalize the implementation plan for the first scheme of the trust in respect of the solicitation of 500,000 digital television subscribers as soon as possible and target to launch the scheme officially this year.